The 2017 Ford Escape: Good at Car Seats (And So Much More)

The 2017 Ford Escape has been a popular options for families in search of a reliable SUV. One of the benefits they've likely encountered after taking an Escape home is just how good it is with car seats. In fact, in car seat tests performed by, the Escape passed with across-the-board "A" ratings.

Why is the 2017 Escape so compatible with car seats? It makes sure the essentials are solid.

Case in point, many vehicles do a poor job with their car seat latches. They bury them too deeply in the seat cushions, making them difficult to get to when you have to buckle in your car seat. The Escape's latches and tether anchors are both easy to find and easily accessed.

The Escape's five-seat interior is also particularly well-suited to car seats. In the tests performed by, they were able to fit a variety of car seats into the rear seats with no trouble. Better yet, the front seat passengers lost almost no leg room in the process.

If you're looking for a great family car that can seat kids of all ages without issue, the 2017 Ford Escape may be your ticket. Come on down to Keller Ford in Hanford, CA and let us show you the new Ford cars currently in our inventory.

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