Blind Spot Information Comes in Handy

For every driver, there are difficulties that you will face while driving. Some will always have issues when parking, an inclement weather while others are not good when it comes to remembering their blind spot. However, when you face such difficulties, the new Ford Blind Spot Information System is one tool that will be able to assist you with such problems.

By using this sensor available to the users of the Ford Blind Spot Information System normally detects the cars that are getting closer to your car at a range of about ten feet from your vehicle bumper. After detecting the car, it will trigger a warning light that will show on the side mirror where the vehicle is nearest to.

The Blind Spot Information System is not the only sensor adding safety for drivers, but also the Cross Traffic Alert is part of the system offering protection for drivers and is usually activated when your car is on reverse gear. It happens after the Blind Spot Information is deactivated. This Cross Traffic Alert uses the same sensors as it can sense the vehicles that are about 45 feet away from your car.

However, Cross Traffic Alert or the Blind Spot should not make you forget to check your surroundings with your eyes. They should be of help only when you forget to use your eyes. Contact our staff at Keller Ford Lincoln in Hanford.
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