Extended Warranties Offer Complete Peace of Mind

Even the best cars could suffer from an unexpected problem outside of normal wear and tear. Manufacturers provide a standard warranty to ensure that the vehicle you've just purchased is functionally sound. Once that coverage is up, the full cost of any repairs is up to you. This isn't something that drivers from Hanford, Fresno, Tulare, or Lemoore want hanging over their heads, which is why so many turn to extended warranties to give them peace of mind.

What Is An Extended Warranty?

If you want to protect yourself financially a bit further beyond the warranty that came with your vehicle, an extended warranty is for you. Extended warranties are typically purchased at the time of a vehicle's sale. They typically offer more comprehensive coverage and last longer in terms of both mileage and years covered.

In some ways, an extended warranty is like an insurance policy. Coverage does not, however, continue to incidents related to accidents, vandalism, and other issued covered under collision or comprehensive auto insurance. A warranty could cover something along the lines of a defect. For example, if a component started to fail long before the recommended time to change the part, the extended warranty might cover the repair work. An extended warranty won't likely cover damage related to negligence. So, if you do not change the transmission fluid and the transmission fails, the extended warranty probably won't cover repair work.

New, Used, and Pre-Owned

Extended warranties aren't exclusive to new cars. Certified pre-owned and traditional used vehicles may offer extended warranties as well, meaning that you can have the peace of mind of a new car in one that's much more affordable.

Added Perks with Extended Warranties

As an enticement to sign car buyers up to extended warranties, additional service benefits may come with the contract. Roadside assistance deals are common add-ons to the service provides in many extended warranties. Ask the dealer's representative about any added benefits to a particular extended warranty.

Extended warranties may be offered by the manufacturer, dealer, or a third party. All extended warranty service contracts come with a cost, but they can present you with the peace of mind you need to know that your vehicle will be safe and reliable for years to come.

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