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?A test drive is an important part of searching for your next car. When you shop for new clothes, you always want to try them on first to see how they fit and that you feel comfortable. The same concept applies to shopping for your next car, but at a much larger scale! A car is the second largest purchase you will ever make, and relying on research and reviews is not always enough. You may spend weeks doing research online and reading about what other people say about a certain vehicle, but that 5-10 minute drive will give you more valuable information than any review online. So don’t make the mistake of not taking advantage of a test drive and get your dream car today!

Advantages of a Test Drive

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Researching a new car may take a long time and it seems easy enough to trust other people’s opinion, but that doesn't mean you should rush in and skip the test drive. The most important opinion in this process is yours and nobody else’s. You will be driving that vehicle for some time. You also won’t get all the major features of a vehicle from reading stats and looking at pictures. When you take a test drive, you are evaluating how the car “feels” when driving, how comfortable it is, and how well it performs. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Does the car drive smoothly?

  • Is the car hard to handle?

  • Are the brakes/accelerator sensitive?

  • Are there any blindspots?

  • Is the legroom enough?

  • How will my passengers feel in the rest of the seats?

It may be a bit difficult to get a test drive during this pandemic, but if it is available to you, take it! If you can’t get a test drive, try a full walk-around and pay attention to every detail.

Make a Plan

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It is essential to plan ahead of time regarding your visit to a dealership, like Keller Motors, so that you don’t waste any time and get the best experience. By planning ahead, we mean calling ahead to make sure the car is available for purchase, available for a test drive, and available for an appointment. Imagine showing up to the dealership and waiting for hours for a dealer just to tell you that the car is inaccessible. We also recommend making an appointment during a weekday afternoon so you will visit a “quieter” environment to make a clear and comfortable decision on your next car. If you want to reach out to one of our dealers at Keller Motors, just call our number and we would be more than happy to help you with all of your needs.

Drive It Like It Is Already Yours

There is no wrong or right way to take a test drive, but we always encourage our consumers to drive the vehicle like it is already yours. This means you take everything from your daily routine into consideration when performing the test drive. When taking the test drive consider:

  • Your daily route (highway, freeway, narrow city streets, dirt roads, ...) 

  • How long your commute is (will it be comfortable enough?)

  • Fuel efficiency (compatible with your commute or not)

  • Parking situations (cramped, compact, on the street, ...)

If you can’t answer these questions with the given 5-10 minute test drive, you can always ask the dealer for more options. Some dealerships allow a 20-mile test drive. With the right paperwork, driver’s license, and car insurance you can take the vehicle in question home and really put it to your daily routine test.. 


Test driving and buying your next car should not be a hassle. If you keep in mind all that was discussed, driving off in your next dream car from Keller Motors will be as easy as walking onto the lot! Don’t be scared to ask questions and request for an extended test drive. You should review all your measures before making your decision. Buying a car is the second biggest decision in your life! If you want a head start on your search, click our Inventory tab and then call us at Keller Motors to schedule an appointment for a test drive today. It is important to us that you have the best experience and have a stress-free environment when driving off in the car of your dreams!

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