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What Makes Ford So Special?

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Ford is one of the most notorious car manufacturers of our time. It was founded by Henry Ford In June 1903. Ever since then, Ford revolutionized the automotive industry and created a legacy of its own. You can see what Ford is really about by taking a look at how
Keller Ford Lincoln represents this brand; with quality customer service. We want to show you what makes Ford the best brand for your needs! Take a look below. 

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The Pandemic and Automobile Market

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The unpredictable pandemic, COVID-19, has caused an economic fallout which would lead to a  decrease in automobile sales. California has one of the nation’s largest automobile markets and the pandemic has debatably hit them the worst. In April, Americans only bought 633,000 cars; that is a 53% decrease from last year’s sales. The sales are even lower than the period of the Great Recession in 2009. During June, sales started to increase and 12.9 million units were sold.

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Are Hybrids Worth It Or Not?

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If you are looking for a new car, you should consider buying a hybrid. You can look at this two ways, economically and environmentally. To some people, just making a little less impact on the environment is enough while driving their daily commute. Hybrid cars use less fuel than regular cars which cuts the carbon emission that goes into the ozone. Then there are other people who want to be more fuel-efficient and save money on gas if they have long daily commutes. Who doesn’t want to save money?

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How to Clean Your Car Without Damaging the Surfaces

Keep your car clean to reduce risk from coronavirus - ABC News

A lot of things we normally have changed due to this new pandemic that hit us by surprise whether it is how we interact with people, how we travel (or lack thereof), and how we clean our environment. This includes how we clean our car inside and out due to the coronavirus. Before the pandemic, we would just take our cars to the car wash and if we had extra time vacuuming the inside of our vehicles. Now that the car is the only thing that connects us to the outside world, we have made sure that we clean the…

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