Use Our Convenient And Easy-To-Use Online Credit Estimator

Have you been wondering what your credit score is? Do you have an idea of how high your credit score should be, but you aren't 100-percent sure? Our online credit estimator can help you quickly and easily get an estimated credit score without affecting your credit at all.

How Does Our Online Credit Estimator Work? 

For any car purchase, your credit will need to be pulled, but this isn't until you're filling out the final paperwork. If you're just looking and are curious about what your financial options may be, you'll want to see what your credit score is. With our credit estimator you can get your score without your SSN or date of birth, without affecting your credit, and without paying anything. How? 

  • Name - We'll need your first and last name and an email. 
  • Zip Code - We'll need to know your valid zip code. 
  • Home Address - We'll need to know your home address and a current phone number. 
  • Vehicle You're Interested In - We want to know what vehicle you may be considering.
  • Click submit and you'll receive your estimated credit score right away. 

Our credit estimator is available 24/7, day or night, and can be accessed from any Lemoore, Tulare, or Fresno area home. 

Contact Keller Ford With Any Questions 

If you would like to discuss our credit estimator or are interested in learning more about our car financing process, feel free to contact our Keller Ford dealership. Our team would love to help you find and purchase the vehicle you'd prefer for the price you need.