When buying a car, truck, or SUV, shoppers want to get a reasonable deal. Purchasing used or certified pre-owned provides an opportunity to purchase a vehicle at a reduced price. At Keller Ford, we want you to be aware of the benefits of buying either used or CPO models.

Used vs. Certified Pre-Owned Options

While both buying used or CPO vehicles follow a nearly identical process, there are differences between the two. A used model arrives at the Hanford dealership through a sale or trade-in and goes up for sale. A CPO model must meet age and mileage requirements and pass an inspection. The CPO model may come with additional features such as roadside assistance, warranty coverage, and other perks for Fresno and Tulare customers.

Used models might be less expensive than buying CPO, as some offerings might have more mileage on them. Either way, buying used or going with a CPO model opens doors to save money on a vehicle that would otherwise cost more.

Upgrading or Meeting Needs

Maybe you want to purchase a sports car or take advantage of an SUV's spaciousness. Buyers might opt for a pickup truck as a second car, as the truck could be useful for business purposes. Buying used or certified pre-owned models open doors to making a preferred purchase without the expenditures of buying a brand-new model.

CARFAX Reports

CPO models almost always come with a CARFAX report, and many used models have them, too. A CARFAX report reveals information about the vehicle's repair and ownership history. Reviewing the record might boost a buyer's confidence.

Test Drive a Model Today

Set up a time and day at our Hanford dealership to test drive a used or certified pre-owned model. A short trip on local roads and highways could lead a consumer to make the right decision about a purchase. Whether you’re in Tulare or Lemoore, stop by Keller Ford today to learn why you should buy CPO.

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