Ford Ranger in Hanford, CA

The New Ford Ranger in Hanford is a Versatile Mid-Size Truck Option

For many, a mid-size pickup truck is the perfect balance between buying a larger truck or opting for a different vehicle class, like SUVs. This place among vehicles is why so many car buyers have turned to the Ford Ranger over the years. Well, after a short break, the new Ford Ranger is exciting drivers yet again. To help you understand this incredible truck a bit more, Keller Ford Lincoln of Hanford has provided more info on its capacities and features below!


One of the most impressive performance features of the Ford Ranger is its towing capacity. The new Ford Ranger can tow up to 7,500 pounds, which is more than enough to get the job done in most cases. Need to haul some equipment to the job site? The Ford Ranger has got you covered. Want to take the boat out for a weekend with your family? The Ranger can help to make that happen.

Even with this amazing towing power, the Ford Ranger is also fuel efficient. The Ford Ranger gets up to 26 mpg on the highway, which means less money spent on gas and more miles before having to stop for it. Plus, the new Ford Ranger near Fresno is great for those going off-roading as it has a tight turning radius and plenty of power!

New Technology

Ford has made a name for itself by producing reliable vehicles and finding unique ways to incorporate emerging technologies, which are both true of the new Ford Ranger near Tulare. Ford has implemented a SYNC 3® infotainment system for full connectivity between your smart devices and the truck. This way, you can use voice commands to make various adjustments to the music or directions all without your hands ever leaving the steering wheel!

Additionally, the Ford Ranger has more modern features, like a Wi-Fi hotspot and a wireless charging pad, for our ever more connected world. Of course, fan-favorite features, like heated seats and remote start, are also still part of the Ford Ranger's feature package so that you can enjoy the road with more convenience and in comfort!

Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Ford engineers fully understand that your biggest concern while driving is the safety of your family, which is why they added many smart safety systems to the new truck near Lemoore. Ford has implemented the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), which includes trailer detection. This way, you are always sure that you're free to switch lanes safely. And, to make sure you're not switching lanes by accident, the Ford Ranger has a lane-keeping system. This alert is a great wakeup call, literally and metaphorically, that it may be time to pull over and rest for the night. Other helpful Ford Ranger driver-assist features include forward collision warning and auto high beams, which will mean less fiddling with your lights when driving at night!

Find the Ford Ranger for Sale in Hanford!

Ford has long been synonymous with high-quality trucks and reliable vehicles that always seem to get the job done. The new Ford Ranger provides impressive performance, amazing new technologies, and safety features allowing you to drive with more confidence and peace of mind,  so those seeking a new mid-size pickup truck have a fantastic option with it. If you'd like to see all of these features in person, plus a variety of others, feel free to stop on by our Hanford Ford dealer for a new Ranger test drive today!