Used Ford Transit for sale in Hanford, CA

Used & Certified Pre-Owned Ford Transit Inventory

Anyone who has to move serious gear around Fresno, CA knows that they need something the size of a Ford Transit to get the job done. The good news is that they can often get a good deal on used models, which are often every bit as durable as new ones. Motorists who bring second-hand Ford Transits into Keller Ford Lincoln often amaze even us because their vans look pristine as a result of Ford's incredible engineering job on the vehicle. Those who need to get a new-to-them Ford Transit somewhere near Tulare, CA will want to consider any of the following models.

Ford Transit Cargo Van

The basic Ford Transit van is anything but. Depending on the particular model year in question, it offers features like intelligent all-wheel drive and space for a driver as well as a passenger. That makes it an ideal option for those who run a business near Lemoore, CA, and have to take their equipment into the downtown Hanford, CA area on a regular basis.

Ford Transit Crew Van

Teams that have a number of staffers located around Hanford, CA may want to opt for the Ford Transit Crew edition, which provides up to five extra seats in the cargo area. Some education market buyers have even used these as a form of commercial transport.

Ford Transit Passenger Van XL

With seating for upwards of 15 individual people, the Ford Transit Passenger edition is essentially a small bus. It's designed, however, to be more sturdy than many of the other vehicles that would normally fall into this category.

Ford Transit Passenger Van XLT

If you ever see a full-sized Ford Transit XLT around Fresno, CA, then you might guess that it's operating almost as a one-vehicle carpool. These offer 15 seats as well as power-sliding doors and other niceties that make them competitive with almost anything else in its class.

No matter which model you select, you should find that your pre-owned Ford Transit rides just like a new one.